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A morning Chat with the Aldub Ambassador

I thought I won’t be able to stay connected with anything “ALDUB”, since I don’t have the luxury of time at all. But with blogs like this, definitely led me back on track.

Thanks Ms. Carmi!

Huggable Me Writes

It’s been quite a while since I last did one of my blog interviews. And what better comeback than this.

It is a known fact that Aldubnation is composed of people from all over the world and are from all walks of life. We have it all here in Aldubnation:Factions or Groups, Parody Accounts, Celebrities, Big Accounts, and Small Accounts. Indeed it can actually already be compared to a small country of sorts.

And because this fandom is composed of over hundreds of thousands of people, it is not uncommon that the fight to maintain unity and harmony is very high.

One of those people who really strive to promote peace and love in this Fandom is none other than @IAmWholeHearted more familiarly known as the Aldub Ambassador. So I had a fun and very emotional morning chat with Sir Yoel. Here is the transcript of our interview:

Good morning…

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