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So many times I tried to put my thoughts into words but definitely can’t pull it off together. My head was bursting with ideas that I don’t know where to start anymore. Haha! Talk about being so hooked up with the show, I just got overwhelmed. Then, here it is! I might be too late in noticing this, but at least I am a proof that this phenomenon hasn’t died down.

I might be laughed at by people I know or even get bullied but this is definitely one of the things I am proud of having. Fangirling to the highest level!

Thank you Huggable Me Writes!

Huggable Me Writes

Recently I shared a post on Facebook about the ALDUB Phenomenon. I am sooo overwhelmed because I never thought that it would go viral. I am the type of person that rarely supports something unless I truly believe in it. That’s why I was very vocal on how I loved Kalyeserye. Though a lot of my “elite” friends will probably laugh at my craziness, it’s ok. 🙂 So I will be reposting it here again. Thank you to everybody who liked it and shared it. Aldub you!!!

My name is Carmi. Assumptionista, Used to be an Alabang Girl, living in California, USA and Certified Member of Aldubnation, 100% Fan of ALDUB.

An Open Letter to the Cast of KalyeSerye and the entire Aldub Nation

The last time I wrote an open letter, it was for my daughter. Now I think this will be for the both of us. I am…

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