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Moving On

It has been a while since I started giving thoughts on staying and moving. But this options pertain to not just one aspect of my life rather on some.

Like any other decisions I had to make, I had mixed emotions this time as well.

I had been reflecting on how’s my online world going on specially with this blog. I figured that it became stiff and somehow boring. That’s the reason why I decided to move forward to a new blog and definitely a blog that’s so me, one that’s carefully planned and organized. I didn’t give much time to this ever since its birth. Second, it was an impulse decision for me to put up this blog. Hence, it wasn’t planned and organized. I was thinking before to post anything here but I realized I have to categorize it as well. Lastly, I want to start anew. Simple as that. Haha! Well, with a different name. I was a bit sad but I know bigger things await for me there.

With my plan transfer to new blog (not yet sure if I’d stay at WordPress), was a bigger plan. This time would be all about my career. I don’t know if everyone (who’s reading this) would agree with me if I’d say profession and passion should go hand in hand. Right or wrong? As for me, I have proven it to be true. There were already some affirmations before during my OJT times but I tend to ignore it thinking that this would somehow give me an avenue for many opportunities of pursuing my passion in the near future. I wanted to save some money for a business capital. So I thought of working in a position related to my degree temporarily. That was my plan. But the desire to go after my dreams as early as now has getting more intense as every day goes by. Despite that I lose hope in at one point, the desire wasn’t lost at all. I realized it wasn’t timing that I needed the most now but courage. I had fears that hinder me that I tend to overthink on things and settle for what I am into right now. But it doesn’t feel right. My heart is not in the right place.

With the help of the Lord, I finally decided to leave this mediocre life and chase that greatness I believe God has for me. Finally, God has given me the courage to act on my dreams and I realized what the famous quote says is true. “Beginnings are always difficult.” I am definitely overjoyed about this but I am beyond grateful as well with the circumstance that I am into right now. It provided an avenue of growth for me especially in dealing with difficult people in the workplace.

So here I go! I am finally letting go and moving on. I didn’t see this coming but now it’s happening. Until then… See you on the other side!


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