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When Pride Swallows You

A sad reality today is that people are more concerned of feeding their ego and are busier blaming others of their mistakes. Seriously, it makes things even more complicated and situations more confusing. It can give birth to conflicts.

This is a problem that people tend to ignore and won’t even recognize no matter how obvious it could be justifying it’s normal these days. Wow, reasons!

 Bear in mind that these situations could destroy relationships and you could lose people you love. So while it’s not yet too late learn to swallow your pride and admit you’ve done wrong. If someone had done you wrong learn to forgive as well. For by admitting your mistakes or by forgiving, you can save a lot of heartbreaks, resolve conflicts, preserve relationships, understand situations, erase confusions and bring inner peace. Through this you are becoming Jesus to others.

               It’s not that easy but.. Try it! It’s overwhelmingly fulfilling. May God be glorified!


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