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When Pride Swallows You

A sad reality today is that people are more concerned of feeding their ego and are busier blaming others of their mistakes. Seriously, it makes things even more complicated and situations more confusing. It can give birth to conflicts. This is a problem that people tend to ignore and won’t even recognize no matter how… Continue reading When Pride Swallows You

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A morning Chat with the Aldub Ambassador

Originally posted on Huggable Me Writes:
It’s been quite a while since I last did one of my blog interviews. And what better comeback than this. It is a known fact that Aldubnation is composed of people from all over the world and are from all walks of life. We have it all here in…

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When God Doesn’t Seem to Answer

This excerpt is taken from CLOSER: Pray Your Way to Intimacy with God by Fr. Bob McConaghy The question that perhaps is at the center of our problems with prayer is usually something like this: “Father, why does God seem to answer everybody’s prayers but mine? I’ve been praying for my son to come back… Continue reading When God Doesn’t Seem to Answer

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Courage in Witnessing

Fr. Sandy V. Enhaynes  Jesus has not backed down on His claim (John 10:33). They attempted to stone Him before because of this, but He managed to slip away from the Temple grounds (John 8:59). This time, however, in their second attempt, Jesus tries to argue His way out by way of a rhetoric. He further stresses… Continue reading Courage in Witnessing

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The True Champion

By: Karren Renz Seña (karren.s@shepherdsvoice.com.ph) But the Lord is with me like a mighty champion. – Jeremiah 20:11 Ever since I wrote the book Champions, people have been calling me that — a champion. Suddenly, I must become the embodiment of that word. I must become my characters and represent the values that I wrote about. Otherwise,… Continue reading The True Champion

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Happiness for Me

One night, my roommate asked me, “What makes you happy?” And of all the possible answers I could give, what I said was just, “Ha?” Indeed, it was a very simple question but it was so hard to give an exact answer. I was speechless in all honesty. There were many thoughts that came to… Continue reading Happiness for Me